Linn is domestic supply of special polymer materials and solutions. We are one of the largest suppliers of polymer products and services. Linn has resources with global technology platform and factory located in South China. With the development of regional customization capabilities we have the ability to provide customers with consistent product standards.

      In Linn, we provide every employee with fair and equal work and promotion opportunities, competitive salary and benefits. At the same time, we will provide vocational training abroad according to the specific need. We look forward you to work side by side with all kinds of talents, sharing opportunities and challenges in an open, globalized environment.

Administrative Assistant

  1. Bachelor degree or above, fresh or previous graduates
  2. Have relevant work experience and excellent personnel and administration management, Secretarial related professional class of outstanding graduates preferred
  3. Good English ability and good image quality
  4. Serious and responsible work, studious, learning ability
  5. This position is primarily responsible for administrative work and will develop to the personnel administration.

( P.S The workplace is located in Daojiao, Dongguan.)

Senior Sales Engineer

  1. Engineering background, Bachelor degree or above, Polymers or chemical related field preferred
  2. More than four years of sales experience (more than two years experience in chemical or plastics industry preferred)
  3. Strong market development capabilities, adept at using a variety of ways to collect market information, with the ability to independently develop end-customers
  4. Good English skills, fluent with foreign customers for simple communication expertise
  5. Have a driver’s license

Color technician

  1. Polymer Chemistry or related majors, college degree or above, no color blindness or color weakness
  2. More than three years experience in color, familiar with computer color matching, quality control inspection, plastics and masterbatch processing technology; expertise with pigments and formulations
  3. Has a strong work initiative
  4. Good computer skills, with a certain level of English


  1. A full time professional financial affairs, college education or above
  2. Engaged in accounting AP, AR more than 2 years, a production-based corporate finance work experience
  3. Good reading and writing English skills
  4. Proactive learning ability, good sense of team

General Secretary

  1. Bachelor degree or above
  2. More than 2 years managing foreign secretary or relevant work experience
  3. Fluent in English, computer operating proficiency
  4. Cheerful  communication skills, able to work under pressure

( P.S The workplace is located in Daojiao, Dongguan.)


Production Process Engineer

  1. Specialized polymer materials or related professional, college degree or above
  2. 2 years experience in plastic processing
  3. Good English skills, ability to learn
  4. Serious and responsible, dedicated, hard working, team work spirit