Leading manufacturers and Production Capacity of ABS

 The global top five manufacturer of ABS are: China Taiwan's Chi Mei Corporation, a total capacity of 1.25 million tons/year, which 100 tons/year in Tainan, 25 tons/year in Zhenjiang unit; Bayer total capacity of 930,000 tons / year; LG Chemical total capacity of 700,000 tons/year; General Electric GE Plastics, a total capacity of 650,000 tons/year; BASF total production capacity of 560,000 tons/year. The top five companies accounted for 55.6% total capacity in the world, which means the top five producers accounted for more than half of ABS production capacity. Because there is a big gap in mainland China ABS supplication, a considerable part of several large companies export to China, while Chi Mei and LG have successively set up factories in mainland China, and has the intention to continue expansion.

ABS production capacity of the major regions

1. U.S.

      Three major ABS manufacturers in America are Bayer, GE Plastics and DOWN CHEM, which accoun for 7% ABS total capacity of U.S., in which GE Plastics accounted for 50.4%, mainly for pipes and small parts market; Bayer accounted for 24.9%, mainly for bulk products in the market; DOWN CHEM (21.7%), mainly for the electronics market. The three companies have significant shares in the automotive market .

2. Korea

      Four major ABS manufacturers in South Korea are LG Chemical, BASF, CHIEL chemical industry and Kumho. About 60% productions are exported to mainland China and Hong Kong. One of the biggest manufacturers is the LG Chem. 2002 in Ningbo, capacity of LG factory in China plant doubled, reaching 300,000 tons/year. by the end of 2003, LG factory located in Yeocheon South Korea also be the ABS unit capacity by 100,000 tons / year, so that the unit total capacity of 500,000 tons/year. Because of the expansion of the ABS unit in South Korea and China, LG Chemical Company ABS production capacity has increased to 800,000 tons/year, which make it rank the world's third largest ABS manufacturer.

3. Japan

      There are nine ABS production enterprises in Japan, with a total of 11 sets of equipment and a total production capacity of 773,000 tons/year. Composed of JSR Corporation and Mitsubishi Chemical, TECHNOPOLYMER has an ABS production capacity 295,000 tons/year, which make it become the world's sixth largest ABS manufacturer; Sumitomo and Mitsui Chemicals established Japanese A & L company, with 100,000 tons / year ABS production capacity.

4. Western Europe

      After restructuring in 1995, Western European ABS market has entered a mature stage. There are only six plants with 12 sets of equipment. In 2003, Western Europe has an ABS total capacity of 960,000 tons/year, the main manufacturer are Bayer (Belgium) Company (90,000 tons / year) and GE Plastics (French) companies (70,000 tons/year), BASF (Germany) Company (145,000 tons/year), Bayer (Germany) Company (185,000 tons/year), Enichem (Italy) Company (75,000 tons/year ), BASF (Netherlands) Company (55,000 tons/year), Dow Benelux (Dutch) companies (120,000 tons/year), General Electric Plastics (Netherlands) Company (70,000 tons/year), Bayer (Spain) Company ( 60,000 tons/year), Polidux (Spain) Company (20,000 tons/year) and GeneralElectric Plastics (UK) Company (70,000 tons/year) and so on. 37% of the capacity is in Belgium, 8% in France, 28% in Germany, 11% in Italy, 8% in Spain, 8% in UK.


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